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Beni Hassan

Beni Hassan is located about 28 kilometres south of Al-Minya at the east side of the Nile. the site consists of 39 distinctive Middle Kingdom tombs carved in to a limestone cliff. The tombs rank among the most important sites in Egypt, because of their informative pictures and unique architecture. Everyday life scenes were preferred, marking the lifestyleof the nobles in the Middle kingdom.

                      Accessible Tombs:

                      Tomb of Cheti (no.17)
Tomb of a farmer who died and was buried in the 11th dynasty.

Beni Hassan


Tomb of Chnumhotep

Tomb of Baket (no.15)
Father of Cheti, the arrangements of these two tombs are very similar.

                 Tomb of Chnumhotep (no.3)
This interesting rock-cut tomb is decorated with very impressive drawings of Chnumhotep and his family while hunting, playing, dancing and offering to the gods.

                 Tomb of Amenemhet (no.2)
The tomb owner as agovernor under Sesostris I. and is similar to the tomb of Chnumhotep.

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