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Museums in Cairo

                   The Egyptian Museum
The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is the richest store of remains of ancient Egyptian art and treasures from the Pharonic to the Graeco-Roman period with over 100,000 exhibits. It's most famous collection are the artefacts found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun.

                   The Coptic Museum
The Museum has a rare collection of ancient Christian relics and antiquities including remains of architectural works, textiles, icons and old manuscripts, reflecting the history of Coptic civilisation.

Coptic Museum

The Egyptian Museum

                 The Museum of Islamic Art

The museum was founded in 1880 and since 1903 it houses, in the meantime, a magnificent unique collection of 80,000 rare ancient relics from the dawn of Islam until the end of the Ottoman period. Further, it is lodging the national library with valuable books on Islamic civilisation and a collection of rare manuscripts of the Koran.

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