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The Hanging Church Al-Mu'allaqa received this name, because it was built on top of the south gate of the Fortress of Babylon. Founded in ther 5th century AD, it is most famous for it's unique collection of icons.

The Church of St.Sergius is the oldest church in Cairo. Consisting of a nave and two aisles, it is an example of an architectural style of the early Christian basilica.


The Virgin's Tree

The Hanging Church

The Holy Family is believed to have stayed during the flight in a crypt under the church, which can be visited today.

The Virgin's Tree is where the Virgin Mary rested with the Child Jesus, when they came to Egypt.

The Cathedral of St. Mark is the largest church in Africa built in a modern style of architecture in the district of Abbasia. The remains of St. Mark were moved to this Cathedral.


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