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Siwa Oasis

The oasis of Siwa known for it's gardens of palm and olive trees, is situated 305 km south-west of Mersa Matrouh and 550 km west of Cairo. It is situated in a depression about 12 metres below sea level. Natural springs preserve life and the surrounding mountains offer protection against the desert storms.

Significant monuments are as follows:

Amun Temple

                     How to get there
The oasis can be reached by bus from Alexandria via Marsa Matruh.


                         Amun Temple
It was founded by Kektanebes II in the 30th dynasty. The temple, which was dedicated to Amun, the ram-headed god of life, is situated on a 16 - 24 metre high limestone plateau. The Oracle of Amun is situated on the edge of the Great Sand Sea. It's rich history includes a visit by Alexander the Great to consult the oracle of Amun in 331 BC.

                        Rock Tombs
These tombs are stuated at the so called "mountain of the dead", dating back to the Ptolemaic and Roman periods.

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