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Taba Heights

A picturesque, year-round resort that overlooks one of the most beautiful spots on the Sinai Peninsula, Taba Heights spreads over 4.5 million square meters of colourful mountains and coastline and boasts 5 kilometres of beautiful and secluded beaches.This magnificent destination offers a collection of world-class leisure hotels, and a myriad of services and activities, that seek to be discovered.

Taba Heights Plan

At the heart of Taba Heights is the town centre, which dominates the whole resort and the Gulf of Aqaba.

Taba Heights resort offers a complete range of water sports with state of the art equipment and professional instructors at hand to help you on your way. Water-skiing, windsurfing and parasailing are favourites among guests. One of the most beautiful ways to explore the resort coastlines is to hire a boat and enjoy the views from the water. At Taba Heights this is a must.

Views of the Heights set against the Sinai Mountain range are spectacular from sea, giving you a sense of sheer scale of the resort and the setting. Deep-sea fishing is another sport fast on the rise. The Red Sea is ideal hunting ground for those with a taste for it.

Mountains at Taba Heights

So no matter which beach you chose for the day, you always have the azure blue of the sea in front of you and the soft grey of the mountains in the background.

The Taba Heights resort is nestled at the foot of the Sinai mountain range, with panoramic views of the Red Sea coastline. The resort offers access to several stunning dive sites that dot the Red Sea. For the casual diver, there are plenty of opportunities here for sheltered and shallow dives. Visibility in the Red Sea is more than 40 meters, and the brightest colours are still visible at a depth of up to 15 meters.

Among the coral reefs close to shore you are sure to see schools of lionfish, parrot fish, napoleon and barracudas, and even the occasional eagle ray or turtle.

Map of Taba and Taba Heights

Taba Heights

Located on the shores of the Red Sea. Taba Heights is 35 km away from Taba International Airport.

Taba Heights offers a new concept in holidays making: a complete and cohesive community.

Designed and managed by an international team of renowned specialists, it promises to offer a world-class holiday destination. This unrivalled year-round sun-filled experience is at Europe’s doorstep.

Taba Heights at Dusk

At 15 meters you find groupers, in particular, the half-spotted and the black tip grouper fish. At depth of between 25 and 30 meters there is an abundance of snappers, sherifas and rudderfish. If you're lucky you might even pull out the odd tuna.

The natural setting of Taba Heights resort is the type that inspired 19th century travellers to take home spellbinding tales of the mysteries of the Arabian Desert. The resort occupies a tract of land between the Sinai Mountain range and the Red Sea.

Dive Sites

On a dive further out at sea, you can explore dramatic drop-offs, and seabed formations. Nothing can match this experience of hovering in the water with the reef on one side, the deep blue on the other, and nothing below. State of the art dive centres, with reliable equipment, cater both for the amateur and the seasoned adventurer. Dive trips set off from the hotel to explore underwater wonders further out at sea. The service on dive boats meets the resorts high standards, with five-star cuisine, and large decks for sunbathing. This is a magical experience, complete with lunching on freshly caught fish, and sleeping under the stars.


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