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General Tourist Information and Important Contacts

Egyptian Embassies & Consulates

Egyptian Consulate

2 Lowndes Street,
Tel: 020 7235 9777 or 020 7235 9719
Fax: 020 7235 5684
E-mail: info@egyptianconsulate.co.uk
Website: www.egyptianconsulate.co.uk

Republic of Ireland – Egyptian Embassy
12 Clyde Road,
Dublin 4,
Tel: 003531 660 6566
Fax: 003531 668 3745
E-mail: embegypt@indigo.ie

The unit of currency is the Egyptian pound (LE) divided into 100 piasters (PT).
When entering the country with Egyptian currency: there is a limit of LE 5,000 per person . There is no restriction on American dollars, pounds sterling or euros which can be easily exchanged in Egypt.

Foreign Exchange Regulations:

You are allowed to enter Egypt with a maximum of 5,000 LE. There are no restrictions or limitations for foreign currencies. However, from US$10,000 onwards, the amount should be declared.

Travellers’ cheques, Visacards:
Euro cheques and travellers’ cheques can be cashed in banks and hotels. Visa, American Express and Eurocard can be used for purchases in a wide range of stores or for cash advances at many banks.

Car Rentals:
Cars can be rented through international car hire agencies or some hotels, but only by those who are at least 21-years-old and have an international driving licence.

Regulations for Private Vehicles:

For the entry of private vehicles, the following documents are required:

Carnet de Passage
International driving licence
International registration document

A third party insurance must be concluded directly upon entering the country.

Automobile et Touring Club d´Egypte
10, Kasr el Nil St.,
Tel: 00202-5743355

Youth Hostels:
There are 15 youth hostels in Egypt. Minimum age: six years. Hostels are generally open from
8.00 – 10.00am and from 17.00 – 21.00pm.

Business Hours:
Weekly day of rest is Friday.

Banks open from 9.30 am – 12.30 pm.
Most shops are open from 9.00 am – 18.00 pm
Museums: in winter, 9.00 am – 15.00 pm
Egyptian Museum: 9.00 am – 17.00 pm

(Special opening hours in the month of Ramadan
and on Fridays).

Health Regulations
A vaccination document is not required unless someone is arriving from infected areas in which case they will require a certificate proving that they have been vaccinated against yellow fever or cholera. There is no special insurance agreement with Egypt. Physicians’ bills must be paid immediately.

Visas to Egypt:
Travellers from the UK and Republic of Ireland entering Egypt need a passport valid for at least six months after departure from Egypt. UK and Ireland nationals can obtain their visas from Egyptian consulates overseas or at the airport upon arrival into Egypt.

Some nationalities must obtain a visa from the Egyptian Consulate prior to travel. It is necessary to fill in an application form and attach one passport-size photo.

For further information on visas, passport enquiries and regulations entering Egypt, please refer to the Egyptian Consulate in London (www.egyptianconsulate.co.uk) if you are in the UK or to the Egyptian Embassy in Dublin (www.embegyptireland.ie) if you are in the Republic of Ireland.

Ideal exposure conditions. In some cases, it is prohibited to take photographs of places such as
bridges, military installations and ports.

Both the trade and export of antiques are prohibited. Copies and replicas can be bought at the
Egyptian Museum.

Plugs are continental style (two round pins) and the voltage is 220 V.

Some Important Contacts:

Tourist Friends Ass.

33. Kasr El Nil Street,
Tel: 00202-792 2036

Tourist Offices in Egypt:
Cairo Airport:  02-415 7475
Cairo Pyramids:  02-383 8823
Alex. Raml Station:  03-484 3380
Luxor Nile St:  095-373294
Aswan:  097-312811
Siwa Oasis: 046-460 2338
Sharm El Sheikh:  069-663 523
Hurghada:  065-444 420
Tourist Police:  02-393 221


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